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i really wish these two had gotten a proper holodeck adventure together - it could have been incredible
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TOS 2X9 “The Apple”


I decided to watch and review “The Apple” after it was mentioned as an episode chock-full of red shirt deaths on a super-fun episode of All Things Trek featuring the creators of The Red Shirt Diaries. 

"The Apple" does not have a complicated plot, so I won’t spend a lot of time on that. Basically:

  1. Away team beams down to Eden-esque planet, and makes sure you know how Eden-esque it is. Chekov is excited to spend time with his gf, Yeoman Martha Landon
  2. Four redshirts die after being attacked by trick flowers and comically exploding rocks.
  3. Away team meets “primitive” people festooned in plastic but non-attacking flowers and redface makeup, finds they are worshipping papier mache high school art project monster named Vaal
  4. Away team finds Vaal is a computer that is keeping the people on the planet immortal but also forbidding them from love/sex
  5. Away team + Enterprise kill Vaal because Kirk thinks people should not live in ignorance, despite Spock’s concerns about the Prime Directive
  6. Kirk and McCoy joke that Spock kinda looks like Satan.
  7. The End


Some parts of “The Apple” work better than others. Let’s start with the others.

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Watching Voyager last night when Tuvok lays the smack down on Neelix. I enjoyed this part thoroughly.

I talked about this scene when I reviewed “Elogium” - love it! Go Tuvok!

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Who Is Your Favourite Woman Trek Captain Other Than Janeway?

If you need a list, check out this awesome graphic from imadoctornotadragonslayer.

Having not yet really seen Hernandez in action, I’m going to say Rachel Garrett of the Enterprise-C, with Phillipa Louvois in a very close second.

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[Not that I don’t love Archer, but I would love to have seen Enterprise with Hernandez as the captain. I wonder how different it would have been?]

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Your blog could use more Captain Hernandez from Enterprise! <3
quick-stop-clerk asked

Absolutely! When I started this blog about a year ago I had only seen maybe two episodes of Enterprise. I have been trying to go somewhat chronologically so I haven’t got to Hernandez yet but I’m very much looking forward to it. I hear she’s great. 

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I think Jeri Ryan did a marvellous job in a very difficult role…and it was very clear to anyone with eyes in their head that Jeri’s beauty and sexuality was an important calling card for Star Trek in the numbers, and it worked.

…I thought maybe UPN would forego it with a woman captain, but it was clear: the audience wanted more sex and they got it, in the form of this lovely, talented actress.

Kate Mulgrew at Star Trek Las Vegas 2014. Some of the parts I didn’t get down verbatim (the “…”s in the quote) were Mulgrew talking about how she was sorry to see Jennifer Lien go because they were close, and she never got that close to Jeri Ryan, but very much appreciated her talent. 
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A follower requested “any and all” photos I took of Gates McFadden at STLV, so here they are!

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My Year Of Star Trek: What Are Little Girls Made Of? Exploring The Star Trek Bechdel Test #1

AshleyRose explores the “bad boyfriends” of Trek, from Nurse Chapel’s creepy ex-fiance through all of Troi’s horrible bfs to Neelix. Anyone you think should be added to the list? And what do you think about the big picture? As the post asks:

Was it that having a female captain lead to different story lines? Was it part of the zeitgeist? Was it just a steady progression from TNG to DS9 to Voyager wherein everyone involved grew steadily more conscious of the role of women in their show? Were people asking the question, “What are little girls made of?” and getting new answers?

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