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Shit Trekkies Say on Facebook: Kim Cattrall as Valeris

This is actually a few days old but I wanted to give you guys a couple days free of Trek Facebook trolls. So here was another fairly innocuous Facebook post. ANNND another horrible response from some. This was the fifth from top comment:

This guy called her a slut (and a bitch) and then later tried to use the Wikipedia definition of “slut” to defend himself.

And yay, rape jokes!

Thankfully the vast majority of comments on this post just wished her a Happy Birthday or commented kindly on other movies/shows people had liked her in. There’s hope for this page because it’s already attracted a ton of plain, decent fans - it just takes willingness from the top to shut down the worst commenters for the sake of everyone else, including those of us who won’t even comment there because of the dynamic.

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Star Trek: The Next Generation Bechdel Test Results

We’re finished running the Bechdel Test on every single live action episode of Star Trek! I feel like Troi, having just been presented with the biggest chocolate sundae of all time. I feel like Worf facing down a row of Klingons with pain sticks. I feel like Wesley the first time he’s allowed on the bridge. I feel like…well, this:

I am immensely grateful to skadoo3 for her help running the Bechdel Test on TNG (skadoo3 also helped with testing Enterprise).

Let’s recap the conditions, shall we?

To unequivocally pass, an episode must have:

  • Two named women characters
  • Who talk to each other
  • About something other than a man
  • As with the Deep Space Nine and Voyager results:

    • The first percentage indicates the result if you require that the two female characters clearly address each other, even in group scenes.
    • The second percentage (in brackets) indicates the adjusted pass rate if you include any episode where two women characters have back-to-back lines about something other than a man, as in a work-related situation where Crusher and Troi say lines but it’s unclear whether they’re to each other.
    • An asterisk in the episode list shows which episodes pass under the second test but not the first.

    Stay tuned for fun graphs, analysis and discussion of the results from all the series in a couple of days!

    Total: 44.9% Pass (51.1%)

    Season 1

    40% Pass (40%)

    Episode Pass? Notes
    Encounter at Farpoint Pass Troi and Yar exchange some lines about what Deanna senses at Farpoint.
    The Naked Now Pass Troi and Yar talk about clothes.
    Code of Honor Fail All the conversations between women are about Lutan.
    The Last Outpost Pass Troi responds to Yar about a tactical suggestion.
    Where No One Has Gone Before Fail
    Lonely Among Us Pass Troi talks to Crusher about Crusher’s wellbeing/Troi and Crusher speak during a hypnosis session.
    Justice Pass Yar and Rivan talk about the planet’s justice system.
    The Battle Fail Troi and Crusher speak, but about Picard.
    Hide and Q Fail
    Haven Pass Various greetings, chatting and bickering between Troi and Lwaxana, Lwaxana and Mrs. Walker, and Troi and Mrs. Walker.
    The Big Goodbye Fail
    Datalore Fail
    Angel One Pass Troi and Beata negotiate about the lost ship.
    11001001  Fail Yar and Crusher speak in the same scene but not to each other.
    Too Short a Season Fail Crusher, Troi and Anne talk, but only about Jameson.
    When the Bough Breaks Pass Crusher and Rashella talk about the infertility on the planet.
    Home Soil Fail Several women speak in one scene but not to each other.
    Coming of Age Fail
    Heart of Glory Fail
    The Arsenal of Freedom Fail
    Symbiosis Fail Crusher and Langor speak in the same scene but not to each other
    Skin of Evil Fail Holo-yar speaks to Crusher and Troi but they can’t reply.
    We’ll Always Have Paris Pass Crusher and Jenice talk briefly about her health.
    Conspiracy Fail
    The Neutral Zone Pass Crusher talks to Clare about her medical condition (Clare also talks to Troi but mostly about her male relatives).

    Season 2

    41% Pass (41%)

    Episode Pass? Notes
    The Child Pass Pulaski talks to Troi about being in labour.
    Where Silence Has Lease Pass Barely – Troi and Pulaski have very quick back to back lines.
    Elementary, Dear Data Fail
    The Outrageous Okona Fail
    Loud as a Whisper Fail Troi and Pulaski have back to back lines but they are talking to Picard about a man.
    The Schizoid Man Pass Barely – Troi and Kareen talk about a distress call. During all other interactions between named female characters they are talking about a male scientist.
    Unnatural Selection Pass Pulaski and Kingley talk about the genetically-engineered children on Darwin Station.
    A Matter of Honor Fail
    The Measure of a Man Fail
    The Dauphin Pass Anya and Pulaski discuss the risk of infection
    Contagion Fail
    The Royale Fail
    Time Squared Fail
    The Icarus Factor Pass Borderline – Troi and Pulaski talk about Klingon culture and the relationship between fathers and sons but they’re ultimately talking about Worf, and Kyle and Will Riker.
    Pen Pals Pass Troi and Sargenka speak briefly about going to Sickbay
    Q Who Fail
    Samaritan Snare Fail
    Up the Long Ladder Fail
    Manhunt Pass Deanna and Lwaxana speak briefly/Pulaski and Deanna talk about Lwaxana.
    The Emissary Pass K’Ehleyr and Troi talk about what it’s like being half-human.
    Peak Performance Fail .
    Shades of Grey Fail Troi and Pulaski talk, but only about Will’s illness.

    Season 3

    34.6% Pass (46.1%)

    Episode Pass? Notes
    Evolution Pass Barely - Guinan and Crusher talk about motherhood, but they are mostly talking about their sons.
    The Ensigns of Command Fail
    The Survivors Pass Rishon and Crusher speak directly to each other in a group scene about an attack/Troi and Crusher speak about Troi’s condition.
    Who Watches the Watchers Pass Troi asks Nuria if she and Riker can stay.
    The Bonding Fail* Troi and alien-Marla speak, but really just about Jeremy.
    Booby Trap Fail
    The Enemy Fail
    The Price Pass Troi briefly chats with Bhavani at the reception about the wormhole discovery.
    The Vengeance Factor Fail* Marouk and Yuta speak for two lines in a group scene about Yuta’s plan, which is sort of about two men.
    The Defector Fail
    The Hunted Fail Troi and Crusher speak in the same scene but not directly to each other and at least partly about a man.
    The High Ground Fail
    Deja Q Fail
    A Matter of Perspective Fail .
    Yesterday’s Enterprise Pass Crusher speaks to Garrett about her injuries/Guinan gives Yar advice.
    The Offspring Pass Lal talks to Troi about fear/Guinan talks to Lal about using contractions, listening and bartending.
    Sins of the Father Fail
    Allegiance Fail
    Captain’s Holiday Fail Vash and Ajur have back-to-back lines but both talking to Picard.
    Tin Man Fail* Crusher and Troi speak in the same scene, but not clearly to each other, about a man, but in a professional context.
    Hollow Pursuits Fail Troi tells holo-Troi to “Muzzle it” but holo-Troi doesn’t reply
    The Most Toys Fail Troi is seen chatting with an unnamed woman officer.
    Sarek Pass Crusher and Troi talk about the ship.
    Menage a Troi Pass Lwaxana and Deanna talk about Deanna’s happiness, and then mostly about men.
    Transfigurations Pass Crusher has multiple conversations with Nurse Temple/Crusher replies to a comment Troi makes in a group scene.
    The Best of Both Worlds Part I Fail Shelby and Troi play poker but do not address each other/Crusher and Shelby serve on an away team but again do not address each other.

    Season 4

    46.2% Pass (53.8%)

    Episode Pass? Notes
    The Best of Both Worlds, Part II Fail Shelby again has scenes in which Troi and Crusher appear, but none of the women interact.
    Family Pass Barely. Troi and Crusher talk, mostly about Wesley and Jack, but they do briefly talk about Venezuela/Guinan and Helena Rozhenko talk about Worf’s childhood, so mostly about a man.
    Brothers Fail Troi and Crusher appear in a scene together but only look at each other.
    Suddenly Human Fail* Crusher and Troi have back to back lines but not clearly to each other.
    Remember Me Pass Crusher and Troi speak once about Crusher’s mental health.
    Legacy Pass Crusher and Ishara talk about medical procedures.
    Reunion Pass Troi and K’Ehleyr exchange two lines in a group conversation about the balance of power in the Klingon Empire.
    The Loss Pass Troi and Crusher talk about Troi’s loss of abilities.
    Data’s Day Fail Crusher is seen speaking to Juarez, but we don’t get to hear her dialogue as it’s under Data’s voice-over.
    The Wounded Fail
    Future Imperfect Fail Crusher and Troi speak in a group scene, but both clearly to Riker.
    Final Mission Pass Troi updates Crusher on the search for the missing shuttle.
    Devil’s Due Fail Troi and Crusher appear in the same scene but don’t speak to each other.
    Clues Pass Crusher and Ogawa talk about Crusher’s experiments.
    First Contact Pass Crusher asks Tava if she’s a doctor/Troi and Mirasta talk in a group with Picard, but to each other at one point.
    Galaxy’s Child Pass Leah Brahms asks Pavlik if there are files with the original Enterprise schematics.
    Night Terrors Pass Troi and Crusher speak about the crisis on the ship and their roles in solving it.
    Identity Crisis Pass Crusher talks to Susanna about her blood chemistry and reproduction.
    The Nth Degree Fail
    Qpid Fail Crusher and Vash talk and so do Troi and Vash, but only about Picard
    The Drumhead Fail Admiral Satie questions Crusher twice, but about J’Dan.
    Half a Life Fail Borderline – Deanna and Lwaxana talk, pretty much entirely about Timicin.
    The Host Pass Troi and Crusher talk about astringent/Ogawa and Crusher talk during surgery/Kareel and Crusher talk about love.
    The Mind’s Eye Fail
    In Theory Fail Jenna and Keiko talk, but only about Miles and Data.
    Redemption I Fail* Lursa and B’etor speak in the same scenes but only sort of to each other. They are also addressed by a female guest star who is not named in this episode.

    Season 5

    61.5% Pass (65.3%)

    Episode Pass? Notes
    Redemption II Pass Lursa, B’etor and Sela discuss battles and troop deployment/Troi and Crusher also speak in the same scene but don’t directly address each other.
    Darmok Pass Troi and Crusher exchange two lines about what Dathon’s people are saying.
    Ensign Ro Pass Guinan and Ro have two scenes together and talk about Ro’s history.
    Silicon Avatar Pass Dr. Marr and Crusher address each other directly for two lines in a group discussion about an attack. Marr responds to Troi about their mission.
    Disaster Pass Ro and Troi talk about ship procedures.
    The Game Pass Crusher asks Troi about the game.
    Unification I Fail
    Unification II Fail
    A Matter of Time Fail Troi and Crusher talk briefly, but about a man.
    New Ground Fail
    Hero Worship Fail Crusher addresses Troi about a male child but in the context of Troi’s work.
    Violations Pass Keiko and Crusher talk briefly about memory in a group conversation/Keiko wishes Inad goodnight/Inad asks Troi a question in a group scene
    The Masterpiece Society Pass Troi asks Hannah to go for a walk with her.
    Conundrum Pass Crusher talks to Kristin about her injury.
    Power Play Pass Crusher and Troi talk about Troi’s medical condition/Ro replies to Crusher in a group conversation.
    Ethics Pass Crusher and Russell discuss medical issues, procedures and ethics/Crusher, Russell and Ogawa discuss medical procedures.
    The Outcast Pass Soren and Crusher talk about sex roles. Counted because Soren identifies as a woman, whereas her interactions with other J’nai are not counted because they don’t identify as women.
    Cause and Effect Pass Troi and Crusher speak to each other in a group meeting about voices in Troi’s head/Ogawa and Crusher discuss a patient/Ogawa calls Crusher.
    The First Duty Pass Admiral Brand and Cadet Hajar discuss procedures/Brand has a short exchange with Sito about procedure.
    Cost of Living Pass Troi and her mother greet each other and talk about Lwaxana’s wedding and finances, in addition to conversations about men (Lwaxana’s fiancé, Worf and Alexander).
    The Perfect Mate Fail
    Imaginary Friend Pass Guinan talks to Clara about grownups/Guinan talks to Troi about Clara/Troi talks to Clara about Isabella/Isabella and Clarka talk about grownups and friendship.
    I, Borg Fail
    The Next Phase Fail
    The Inner Light Fail Crusher and Ogawa talk about treating Picard.
    Time’s Arrow I Fail* Troi and Crusher have back to back lines in a group scene.

    Season 6

    38.5% Pass (50%)

    Episode Pass? Notes
    Time’s Arrow II Fail* Crusher and Troi have lines next to each other in a group scene.
    Realm of Fear Pass Crusher and Ogawa talk during an autopsy.
    Man of the People Pass Crusher and Ogawa technobabble.
    Relics Fail
    Schisms Fail
    True Q Pass Crusher talks to Amanda about tricorders, a medical experiment and Amanda’s parents/Troi asks Amanda how she’s feeling.
    Rascals Pass Lots of conversations between little Ro and Little Guinan.
    A Fistful of Datas Fail
    A Matter of Time Fail Troi and Crusher talk briefly, but about a man.
    The Quality of Life Pass Crusher and Troi each talk to Farallon about her robots.
    Chain of Command I Pass Troi asks Crusher a quick question about her healt/Troi asks Nechayev if they’ll really go to war.
    Chain of Command II Fail
    Ship in a Bottle Fail Crusher and Troi briefly talk, but about Moriarty.
    Aquiel Pass Crusher tells Aquiel they thought she was dead, and she replies.
    Face of the Enemy Pass Many conversations between Troi and Torath.
    Tapestry Fail
    Birthright I Fail
    Birthright II Pass Gi’ral summons Ba’el and scolds her.
    Starship Mine Fail Crusher explains a plan/strategy to Troi but Troi doesn’t reply to her.
    Lessons Fail* Daren responds to Crusher’s question in a group conversation where it’s not clear if they’re addressing each other
    The Chase Fail
    Frame of Mind Fail
    Suspicions Pass Guinan talks to Crusher about her sore elbow/Ogawa and Crusher talk about work/other conversations are about men.
    Rightful Heir Fail
    Second Chances Fail Crusher and Troi talk, but only about Tom Riker.
    Descent I Fail* Crusher and Troi talk in a group conversation where it’s not clear if they’re addressing each other.

    Season 7

    52% Pass (60%)

    Episode Pass? Notes
    Descent II Pass Crusher talks to Taitt on the bridge.
    Liaisons Fail
    Interface Fail
    Gambit I Fail Tallera has a line to another woman but she is unnamed and does not reply.
    Gambit II Fail* Tallera and Vekor have lines next to each other in a group scene
    Phantasms Pass Crusher talks to Troi about the rash on her shoulder.
    Dark Page Pass Troi and Hedril talk about heaven/Lwaxana and Deanna talk about a lot of things, mostly Kestra/Crusher and Troi talk about what Maques showed Troi.
    Attached Fail
    Force of Nature Fail
    Inheritance Pass Crusher and Troi exchange two quick lines about whether Juliana should know the truth.
    Parallels Fail
    The Pegasus Fail
    Homeward Fail* Crusher and Troi have lines next to each other in a group scene with Worf and Nikolai.
    Sub Rosa Pass Crusher tells Troi about her mother and grandmother
    Lower Decks Pass Crusher and Ogawa talk about Ogawa’s promotion.
    Thine Own Self Pass Crusher and Troi talk about the Bridge Officers Test/Talur and Gia also talk but mostly about Garvin.
    Masks Fail Crusher and Troi talk, but primarily about Worf and Will.
    Eye of the Beholder Pass Crusher asks Troi about her visions/Troi also talks with Calloway and Nara but only about Kwan.
    Genesis Pass Ogawa and Crusher talk about Ogawa’s and Spot’s pregnancy.
    Journey’s End Fail
    Firstborn Pass Troi asks Lursa and B’etor who would want to frame them/Lursa and B’etor exchange lines in Klingon.
    Bloodlines Fail Rhodes hails Crusher about a medical emergency but Crusher doesn’t reply directly to her.
    Emergence Pass Crusher talks to Troi about her visions and injuries.
    Preemptive Strike Pass Crusher and Troi congratulate Ro on her promotion/Kalita and Ro have several scenes on their mission.
    All Good Things Pass Ensign Chilton and Beverly Picard talk about what to tell McKinley Station, as well as orders during battle.
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    The film has what I feel is an important message. I saw it the minute I read the script. I think Trek VI is really about getting in touch with our own prejudices, even though we might think we’ve come a long way and see beyond such personal prejudices…At some point, we all really have them and we have to deal with them because life changes and we have to change with it. So, there’s a lot going for it that I wanted to be a part of. It’s a good story with an excellent message.
    Nichelle Nichols talking about Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country in the February, 1992 issue of Starlog.
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    Uhura… WIP #jbudich #joshuabudich #wip #art #artprint #startrek #uhura #print #screenprint #silkscreen #illustration

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    Shit Trekkies Say on Facebook: Bad Caption



    Say it for me, Charlie Brown:

    I want to be able to do something more effective than raging at my screen and documenting this shit. Any ideas? Let me know.

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    I was uncomfortable because I had never been that nude before. I had never shown my legs, and never shown quite that much skin. I always played frigid doctors or the plain sisters who got the guy at the end. What did I know from ladies in caves who ate only meat? And when the outfit came in, I never thought of myself that way. I mean, I always thought of myself as having my father’s chest. I was very self-conscious.
    Mariette Hartley on playing Zarabeth in “All Our Yesterdays”
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    Janeway montage to the Wonder Woman theme song FTW

    People who don’t like Voyager bother me. This was the main one I grew up with (and some TNG), and she was literally THE BEST role model for a teen like me (in that she was close to what I am like… so like, representation for me to see).

    I am pretty sure a majority of the episodes all pass the bechdel test completely. The scene/convo the first time Janeway and B’elanna collaborate gives me goosebups (one of the first episodes).

    * It’s been a while so I can’t recall, but I think one one or two episodes should come with a mild trigger warning, but not like terribly, more like “they are talking loosely about a topic that is icky” or like they use something else as a sort of metaphor for said topic to avoid talking about said topic directly (which star trek does A LOT of). Anyway, I think the two I am thinking of are both after Seven of Nine shows up.

    edit: whole series is on netflix btw

    Thanks for the reblog, and you are correct about the Bechdel Test! 85% of Voyager episodes pass the test - the highest of all the series (results here).

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    Janeway montage to the Wonder Woman theme song FTW

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    Shit Trekkies Say on Facebook: Yar


    After asking the same question about Sulu and having it go horribly awry, the Facebook page decided to pull it again with Yar.

    And it wasn’t quite as shocking, but it was hugely depressing. The vast majority of commenters described her as “dead”, followed by references to her having sex with Data in "The Naked Now", and “butch” or other more offensive references to her character being a lesbian.

    Examples after the jump (Trigger Warning for sexist comments and rape jokes):

    Read More

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    From the March 1992 issue of Starlog. Kim Cattrall had this to say on becoming Valeris:

    "They said, ‘No, no, no, we want your input, and we would like you to name your character.’…And the look - there had never really been a Vulcan woman, except on the TV series. In all the episodes that I saw, the look was very nebulous; it wasn’t as specific enough as I thought Spock was. So, I came up with a hairstyle that I thought was similar and militaristic enough to work with. We designed a headband, shaved part of my hair, to make my ears stick out, and dyed my hair and eyebrows black. I wanted to look very, very retro and different, and I think we achieved it."


    "I just thought I looked so cool. I didn’t want to take the ears off at the end of the day and I would actually leave them on. I wanted to go out in them. I didn’t want to take them off…The first couple of nights I slept in them. Making a telephone call was a new experience for me because, if you’re not careful, you can leave half your ear on the receiver."

    On the difference between Saavik and Valeris:

    "She’s much more dimensional than just a beautiful woman with backswept hair who wears funny ears and a sexy top. She’s much more defined. She has more succinct desires and wants, and she’s ambitious. With the other Saaviks, it was very difficult to tell what they wanted: they were very ambivalent. There’s really nothing ambivalent about Lieutenant Valeris. She has a role in her life, and she wants to do well and fit in, sometimes a little too much. But she’s very defined, whereas I felt both Saaviks weren’t. They were just sort of carbon copies of Spock.”

    On not being “the villain”:

    "I tried not to put ‘villain’ on Valeris. I didn’t want her to be the baddie. I wanted her to do it for reasons that she feels are just. Come on. ‘Klingons cannot be trusted.’…We’ve known that from day one. So, Valeris did what she felt she had to do. That’s the way I played it.”